My name is Metody Hristov Popov and I've been engaged in art for 30 years. I've graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia with a degree in "Ceramics" and for 25 years I've been working with souvenir-type ceramics.
  I started making ceramic products to provide for my big family- I have three daughters.
  I learned the hard way how to survive in the vast souvenir market with its varying demands. After years of gaining experience, a big factory in Novy Khan replaced the small student atelier and so, Prima Ceramics was born.
  All 1000 products that are made in the factory are my own design and I dare call myself the best at what I do in Bulgaria thanks to my professional and academic skills.
  Every item that comes out of the ateliers in the factory is completely handcrafted using only natural materials.
  The basic themes and motifs that our production revolves around:
  - Garden;
  - Customs & Tradition;
  - Souvenirs;
  - Religious;
  - Sport;
  - Erotic;)

  Every product's quality and durability is guaranteed!
  I present to you some of the products that define Prima Ceramics hoping we can work together.

  A big thank-you to all our present and future clients!


Metody Popov
Owner & CEO
Prima Ceramics Art Ltd., Bulgaria

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